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at:software creates easy to use software that simplifies and automates the complex problems and processes of business in a way that makes sense.

Our Principle

Our applications fit themselves to an organization's operational processes, not the other way around! To this end our focus is always on the simplification and automation of complex procedures.

Development and Design

In the development and design of solutions the needs of our customers and, in particular, those of the operator are our central concern. Our many years of experience have shown that only simple, easy-to-use applications are used efficiently and successfully implemented.


FIN - Portfolio Management Module

  • Individual management of your assets
  • Management and administration of mandates, portfolios, and securities
  • Investment strategy and model portfolios
  • The depth of data management can be individually customized – from management of portfolio values across different stock inputs, to transaction logging and processing
  • Comprehensive analysis using Drill-Down, which is graphically supported
  • Comprehensive customer reporting, individually designed
  • Portfolio management (ordering, turnover)
  • Performance measurement and analysis (TWR, MWR, IRR)
  • Configurable dashboards and widgets
  • Compliance workflows for authorized control

CRM - Client relationship management

  • Contacts management
  • Address and contact information management
  • Relationships management
  • Notes and customer history
  • Contract management
  • Individualized development of groups, interested parties, customers, etc.
  • Management of marketing activities
  • Meeting planning and coordination
  • Time tracking
  • Debtor / creditor management
  • Dashboard

DMS - Document Management System

  • Electronic document archiving and storage
  • Automated storage and assignment of any desired documents
  • Simple document recognition configuration
  • Text, barcode, and shape (logos, images, etc.) recognition
  • Flexible business process and workflow visualization
  • Real-time monitoring and processing escalation
  • Integration into existing applications or connection to existing systems
  • Support for manual document upload
  • Document version control, historization, and tracking
  • Long-term archiving and monitoring of retention periods

TSK - Tasks

  • Flexible and simple management of pending matters and tasks
  • Definition of types of pending matters and priorities
  • Workflow-based assignment of pending matters and tasks
  • To-do lists and appointment overview
  • Visualization of operational processes and procedures
  • Escalation features and monitoring
  • Progress tracking
  • Journalization for each activity
  • Dashboard and widgets

PRC - Processing

  • Automated, time-controlled Job execution
  • Simple management of batch-jobs
  • Comprehensive, clear monitoring of jobs and their processing steps
  • Logging of all execution steps
  • Automated notification if failures occur, inclusive escalation
  • Suited for automation to monitor all compliance and risk relevant tasks
  • Assistance with failure analysis and rectification
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  • MIS
  • Contract management
  • Rates
  • Contract objects
  • Portfolio
  • Comissions
  • Insurances
  • Intermediaries
  • Contract browser
  • Analysis / Dashboard

CRM - Client relationship management

  • Contacts
  • Adresses
  • Contact information
  • Relations
  • Notes
  • Contract Management
  • Meeting organization
  • Time registraion / -control

DMS - Document management System

  • Document management
  • Document processing
  • Document recognition and workflow
  • Links / Attributes
  • Revisions / change history
  • Archive

TSK - Task

  • Todo / Task Management
  • Alerting / Escalation
  • Workflow management
  • Configurable workflow roles

PRO - Project

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Billing
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